Agriturismo Poggio Antico is surrounded by three lakes. The Chiusi lake borders the farm estate and can easily be reached on foot within a few minutes. The lake of Montepulciano is 5 kilometers away, this is a nice walk from the agriturismo. The third lake is Lake Trasimeno, distance from the agriturismo is 12 kilometers.

foto sfondo x Territorio e dintorni Lago di Chiusi

Chiusi Lake

The Chiusi lake is called also ‘light of Chiusi’; it is in the province of Siena and of the town from which it takes its name, the eastern shore marks the border between Tuscany and Umbria, it corresponds to the ancient border between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Pope State.

Poggio Antico is located just behind the Chiusi Lake, it is part of the Siena farmhouse circuit

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Montepulciano Lake

Nature and animal lovers can indulge themselves at Lake Montepulciano, about five kilometers from Poggio Antico. For example, there are huts along the banks and also a watch tower from where numerous species of birds and other animals can be spotted in their natural environment.

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Trasimeno lake

Fourth largest lake in Italy, it owes its name to an ancient legend which tells of Prince Trasimeno and his love for the nymph Agilla. Named by Lord Byron to “a silver veil”, across the centuries the lake has captured the curiosity of many poets, painters and travelers by its charme.

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