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28 February 2018
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Festa della fagiolina
2 May 2018



Orvieto is a beautiful, medieval town built on a hill of tuff with Etruscan roots. A selection from the top sights:

– Il Duomo di Orvieto, the impressive cathedral with the famous horizontal stripes of black and white marble. In this cathedral you will find the Cappella di San Brizio, with breathtaking frescoes about the armageddon of Signorelli.

– The Pozzo di San Patrizio is a 16th century well, 63 meters deep with two spiral staircases, one goes up, one goes down, so that they did not get in each other’s way. The round, stone construction has an unparalleled light through the openings along the spiral staircases. This well is also a nice experience when you visit the city with children.

– Città Sotterranea, Orvieto underground from the time of the Etruscans.

– Piazza Capitano del Popolo, where every Thursday and Saturday morning there is a market.

– Museo dell’Opera, the museum that shows the history of the construction of the cathedral (1290-1600).

– Torre del Moro, 17th century tower, worth to climb, offers a beautiful view of the city and the surroundings.

– Il Funicolare, the funicular of Orvieto. Park your car at the station and go with the funicular to the historic upper town. Also very nice when you visit the city with children. More tips for children can be found at UMBRIA WITH KIDS

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