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Chiusi is an unspoilt, Etruscan town along the A1, the Autostrada del Sole. Around 2500 BC, Chiusi was one of the most powerful members of the Etruscan city federation. The Etruscans were mysterious people with an older and higher civilization than the Romans. In the vicinity of Chiusi several Etruscan tombs have been uncovered, the tombs, statues and urns found here (about 2500 years old) you will find in the beautiful Museo Nazionale Etrusco in Chiusi. The tombs themselves can be visited under supervision; tickets are available at the museum. Another attraction is the ingenious tunnel system under Chiusi, constructed by the Etruscans to maintain the water supply. A fascinating walk through the corridors, with a guide, ends some 25 meters above the ground at the campanile, the medieval tower next to the cathedral.
Chiusi is a beautiful town with narrow streets, medieval buildings, a Duomo with a beautiful quiet square, a park-like setting with the most beautiful views. There are plenty of bars and restaurants, such as Ristorante e Pizzeria Il Bucchero, affordable Tuscan cuisine. Also outside the village, at the lake are two restaurants where delicious local dishes are served, with or without the freshly caught fish from the lake: Ristorante Da Gio and Ristorante Pesce d’Oro.
Chiusi can be reached by car, 8 kilometers from the A1 and by train. Chiusi Scalo Station has direct connections with Orvieto, Rome and Florence. Information about departure and arrival times can be found on the website of Trenitalia

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