It has been always my

It has been always my passion

For years I’ve been managing with love Poggio Antico, a unique oasis of Lake Chiusi. The natural beauty of the place and the magic of the lake  let  your thoughts go free, and pampers your soul with a fresh breeze coming from the rolling Tuscan hills of Umbria . At our charming welcome, will follow hints for the best recommendation for the pitoresque nature trails along the neighborhoods, and suggestions to enjoy the delicious foo of the local restaurants.

Piero Cesarini -Land owner

The Aura of the

The Aura of the Chiusi Lake

The lake (the real lover knows) offers picturesque scenery at any time of the day,  the  Chiusi lake especially transfers tranquility and deep serenity. Depending on the time of the day, it changes colors of the water

Poggio antico

Immersed in beauty

The apartments of the house are surrounded by the green Tuscan countryside Umbro, Lake Chiusi is adjacent to the property and it can be reached easily on foot through a nice walk. The native  birdlife provides unexpected experiences : buzzards, owls, herons and other predators are always looking for food. In the evening, right after sunset, you can admire the silvery color of the lake and the shimmering lights in the distance of the surrounding villages.

Relax in the

Relax in the pool area

Two hectares of garden in a gentle slope going into the lake, in the middle of which there is the beautiful swimming pool, an oasis of coolness in summer days.

The pool has a large solarium with views of Lake Chiusi


Places to see

Walking around

Nearby Poggio Antico you will find interesting old towns such as Perugia, Citta della Pieve, Chiusi, Pienza, Cortona, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Siena, Assisi and Spoleto.

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