Nature and animal lovers can indulge themselves at Lake Montepulciano, about five kilometers from Poggio Antico. For example, there are huts along the banks and also a watch tower from where numerous species of birds and other animals can be spotted in their natural environment. The area of the lake is an important staging point for birds that migrate from Africa to Europe. Also the aquatic vegetation at the lake is quite special. There are many species which have disappeared from other environments around Italy due to draining and pollution.
The Lake Montepulciano is one of the most important wetlands of central Italy and it is a protected natural area since 1996. A piece of untouched nature for birdwatchers, lovers or protected natural areas or simply people looking for a quiet place.
The lake is situated in the southern part of Valdichiana, within the province of Siena. There is also a visitor center. At the visitor centre you can book guided tours on the trails and excursions by boat, to take full advantage of the natural area. The trail crosses the grove of reeds ends with a watch tower, in addition to bordering with the Trail of Recovery, a hiking trail also for bicycles, that runs through the entire Valdichiana from Chiusa dei Monaci of Arezzo, to Chiusi Scalo.
Whether you are birdwatchers, or lovers of protected natural areas, or simply tourists looking for a quiet place where to enjoy the memory of the ancient swamp of Valdichiana, the Lake Montepulciano is definitely a must see.

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