Fourth largest lake in Italy, it owes its name to an ancient legend which tells of Prince Trasimeno and his love for the nymph Agilla. Named by Lord Byron to “a silver veil”, across the centuries the lake has captured the curiosity of many poets, painters and travelers by its charme.

Regional park since 1995, it is characterized by a wetland, it was once a marshland, where, amidst lush reeds, they crowd wild ducks, cormorants, kites, kingfishers. Lake Trasimeno in fact has always been important for water birds wintering area to resting and to reproduction and for fish species a perfect habitat to breed.

To study the history of the fish fauna and avifauna of the lake Trasimeno and to know the secrets of the fishermen and their tools for fishing, please visit the Fishing Museum of San Feliciano; if you want to know the ancient Middle Ages boats used by the fishermen, then visit the museum of boats, housed in the castle of Passignano.

If you are a history addicted, plan your holiday retracing the steps of Hannibal at the Battle of Trasimeno.

If you just want to practice outdoor sports have plenty of choice between bike tours, horseback riding and water sports like kytesurf, canoeing and sailing.

All year long  there is a  chance to visit  one of the marvellous towns around Lake Trasimeno, like  Castiglione del Lago, Paciano, Panicale Piegaro, Città della Pieve, Magione, Passignano, Tuoro sul Trasimeno Lisciano, Niccone and all of them overlook the lake or dominate it from the surrounding hills. Experience the excitement of a trip to the islands, Maggiore and Polvese, which you can reach all year round with comfortable boats.

If you love delicious food, the restaurants on the lake prepare tasty dishes of the fish of the lake and especially eel fish, perch and tench, and the fine beans of Trasimeno, recognized as a Slow Food Presidium and the precious Saffron of Città della Pieve.

We invite you  also taste the extra virgin olive oil and the wine tasting  along the “Road of wines of Colli del Trasimeno”.

The territory of the Trasimeno is famous for embroidered lace, as well as  the  ireland lace , that you can buy at island Maggiore, the craft  Tulle of  Panicale and the art of weaving baskets.

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